Now More Than Ever,
You Must Realize Your True Value

"The life you've led has prepared you for the life you dream of."
-Congressman Marsha Blackburn

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn invites women everywhere not to quietly crack open the door of opportunity, but to kick it down, take it on and make it happen. "As women, we tend to compare ourselves to others and undervalue the talents we already possess." says Blackburn. "Mom was right though, there will always be someone richer, smarter, prettier, and more talented, but no one else is uniquely you."

In her new book, Life Equity (Thomas Nelson, January 2009) Blackburn encourages women to use what is "uniquely you," and bring their mighty powerful leadership skills to the table. "It's not about demanding our rights. It's about deploying our gifts," writes Blackburn. "In a day in which we face unprecedented challenges - locally, nationally, and globally - far too many women leaders are standing in the shadows."

The good news is that your readers don't need to drop everything and go get a PhD at Harvard to become effective leaders. In fact, Blackburn maintains, leadership is a transferable commodity - that using the LIFE EQUITY women have already built up can bring about the kind of real change that people desire. We're talking about the ordinary, everyday experience. The mundane equips us for the magnificent.

Why is so much talent not in the game but rather on the sidelines? Blackburn says it's because women are such natural team leaders and consensus builders, many may simply view a strong desire to lead as, well, a bit rude. In addition, there are some common myths that need to be eliminated.

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"This is a guidebook that should be read by every woman who wants to succeed."
Donald J. Trump, author of Think Big: Make It Happen in  Business and Life

"Finally! A book that realizes women don’t need to crash through an illusive glass ceiling or trump other male leaders to get ahead. What women need is already within them. Congressman Blackburn vividly shows how a woman’s experiences—from the PTA to the U.S. Congress—are precisely what equip her to effectively lead."
Georgette Mosbacher, CEO of Borghese, Inc.,
international cosmetic company, and author of Feminine Force

"As the first Tennessean woman ever elected to Congress, Marsha Blackburn is truly an inspiration to my wife, my daughters, my granddaughters, and all young women. Blackburn presents her readers with a compelling and empowering plan for changing the world and becoming the future leaders of America.  She is one to watch!"
Alfonse D’Amato, former U.S. Senator

"Women at the ‘What’s next?’ stage of life may be our country’s most valuable and untapped asset. If you’re wondering what to do with the rest of your life and what you have to offer the world, stop whatever you’re doing and read this book! It’s a practical and empowering guide to making your dreams a reality."
Kathy Peel, author of The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Organized Home

"Marsha Blackburn’s book is the boost ... the kick in the pants ... and the blueprint ... to help you unearth your leadership skills and beef-up your confidence. It’s the permission you’ve been looking for to step, unabashedly, into a fulfilling and joyful future."
Sue Buchanan, author of The Bigger the Hair, the Closer to God ... unleashing the person inside you.

"Many women have wonderful leadership skills just waiting to be used. Marsha Blackburn encourages all women to use their life's experiences to step up and lead, to achieve their dreams and excercise their potential."
J.C. Watts Jr., Former Congressman

"Life Equity is a great guide book for women who are trying to move ahead in the work force and who are ready to step out on their own and lead!  Marsha so correctly states that it is not about demanding our rights, it is about deploying our gifts and using those gifts to achieve our dreams."
Rita Davenport, CEO Arbonne Cosmetics